Catherine Prato

for Congress

Caring. Compassionate. Conservative.

Nurse Prato has the firsthand experience and know-how to fix
what’s wrong with Congress and get Nevada back on track.


Nurse Catherine Prato is a lifelong Nevadan who has dedicated her career to assisting those who need it the most. She has been actively engaged in the Nevada medical community for over 20 years - both in practice and teaching in the classroom.

Catherine’s first memory as a child was sitting on her mother’s lap as her mother studied to become a doctor. This early account inspired Catherine to pursue a career in medicine and engrained in her a desire to help those in need. Catherine decided at a young age that her mission in life would be to become a medical professional and to serve the sick and afflicted.

At the age of 13, Catherine volunteered as a Candy Striper at Valley Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas, NV. As a Candy Striper, Catherine’s desire to help those in need began to flourish and by age 18, Catherine was a certified nursing assistant. Catherine continued to follow her dreams at UNLV where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Nursing. Catherine had many offers to join different medical practices, but she knew in her heart that she could make the most difference serving as a night nurse at the North Las Vegas Detention Center.

During her time as a night nurse, Catherine learned first-hand the challenges associated with mental health issues and the impact it has on individuals, families and society as a whole. This experience inspired Catherine’s passion for psychiatric nursing and has led her to work most of her career in the mental and correctional health care systems. Catherine wants to take those lessons to Congress to help put an end to the stigmas surrounding mental health issues and start solving the problem instead of treating the symptoms.

Until recently, Nurse Prato was the Director of Nursing Education for the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Catherine now serves as the Vice Chair on the Nevada Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Board. She is an elected Director for the Nevada Nurses Association (NNA). She is also a Board member for the UNLV Nursing School Alumni Association. She regularly attends all nursing program pinning and graduation ceremonies, provides educational workshops and gives keynote presentations to inspire those graduating nursing students to be the best health care team member they can be for Nevada residents.

Catherine and her husband Todd are incredibly proud of their two children. Their family enjoys being active members of the Blue Ribbon United States Pony Club and exploring Nevada’s fascinating history.

On the Issues

Constituent Services

When was the last time you felt the government was working for you and not against you? That’s all about to change.

From day one, my main priority will be working for you. I am committed to taking the same philosophy I have as a nurse, listen first, then act.

Whether you need help with the VA, transportation, or the Social Security Administration, we’ll always work hard on your case.

My constituents - you - come first. No matter what.

Jobs & Economy

As our government continues to grow, our ability to dream and create new businesses becomes harder and harder. More government is not the solution or pathway to a thriving economy. We must empower individuals instead of placing regulations and roadblocks that limit opportunities for economic prosperity. As your congresswoman, I will demand an evaluation of every regulation and will repeal out-of-date, duplicate and unnecessary regulations that are hurting our economy.

We all know the challenges of living within our means - unfortunately, our government does not. I am committed to sign the Taxpayer’s Protection Pledge which states that I will oppose any and all efforts to increase your income taxes – because I trust you more than I’ll ever trust the government.


I’m running for Congress because as a nurse, we are trained to listen to patients and fully understand the problem before taking action. Politicians in Washington D.C. don’t operate that way, and we need that to change.

As a healthcare and teaching professional, I see every single day the real-life consequences of misguided ideas coming from Congress - especially regarding mental health care. The problem with mental health is not the diagnosis and treatment, it’s the stigma that is compounding the problem. We must change how we address these issues and start providing the care and resources our society needs to solve these problems.

Catherine Prato

for Congress

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